Free With Me

So I have been thinking a lot about togetherness, acceptance, and unity. “Wash My Back” was created from this space of thought.

There is such division in our world, and I want to create music that is inclusive.  “Free With Me” is a song that was created out of a bass line that was played at the end of “Wash My Back”.  I thank my bass player, Bryan Percivall, for inspiring it.  It just felt right to me, but it’s not something we just threw together. The lyrics are inspired.  I think that many people are not being authentic to who they really are.  Many people do what’s expected and are not really walking in freedom.  I believe that the more authentic we are, the better we can be understood in this world. I believe that our freedom is important for us to identify with others, sympathize with others, and heal our world.  I believe we are all very much alike, but we can get stuck in our way of seeing things. This is why I strive to be free.  My freedom was compromised before I was even thought about, but I strive to be free. My ancestors endured so much more than I will, and I owe them to seek true freedom. Freeing the mind and spirit.  Get “Free With Me”.




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