Maybe I

“The truth is that I have insecurities. I have doubt. I am indecisive, because of many reasons. When it comes to love, I’ve messed up and missed the mark. In all of my indecisiveness, the truth remains. I ask questions, but many things are not clear still. What do I want? What do I really want for my life? Why can’t I have what I want? These are questions anyone may want to ask themselves as they mature and find themselves still longing for more.” – Thurston Ray

“M a y b e   I” 

Sometimes the best music moments happen when we let go of all the extra instruments and sounds to reveal pure vulnerability. Thurston Ray shares another side of himself with the single “Maybe I”. One voice and one piano was all that was needed to create this moment. This song features the pianist and cowriter, Steve Williams. It’s a quiet moment of reflection. Written as a letter to self, the song asks questions and reveals a place of discovery. Why give up on love? Why not reach for what you want? This song may make you think about your own life and ask questions. What holds you back from getting what you want? Is there something within you that keeps you from having all that you truly desire? “Maybe I” explores the possibilities. Thurston expresses a moment of pure and simple emotion here, and we hope that you can feel it too. So adjust your mind. Take a breath. Take a listen to “Maybe I” by Thurston Ray.

  • October 12, 2018
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