Thank You – Gratitude

I think it’s time for me to send a big THANK YOU to everyone who continues to support ‘Thurston Ray’ – ME.  

I appreciate the love shown at these past NYC shows. I look forward to traveling and sharing this music in other cities. It has been a process, as you can imagine. I am still working on the new EP. I can not wait to share it, but as an artist I am overflowing with ideas. It’s almost to a point that I just want to make this a complete album!  I will try to stay in that flow, and in the end it will be what it’s meant to be. I know that this next work will be on another level. Not only as an artist but as a businessman, I have to grow. This is my passion, but I want to be able to see all of you who support me. I want to be in your city performing. I want to be heard on your radio stations. It’s been a long time coming. Finances need to be in place. Faith is always being tested. But God! This is a life-long dream, and I refuse to let go of the vision. So please hang tight with me. ‘Somewhere, Someway, Somehow’ – we will get there.

Until then – You have my GRATITUDE !

*Remember – You can still donate to the making of my EP at (((HERE))) !

It’s not too late, and every dollar is still needed. Thank you! 


Thurston Ray 

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