Wash: (of flowing water) carry (someone or something) in a particular direction

This world is in need of cleansing, and it starts with us. One by one, we can be cleansed. From the leaders of this ‘free’ world to the middle-classed mother to the homeless man on the corner to the baby in diapers, one thing we always need is to be clean. It’s a never ending process. No one wants to walk around with the funk of yesterday. So in our right minds we bathe on a regular basis. We chose not to walk through life with the funk of days gone by.

Yet on a larger scale our community needs to be washed. We need to be cleansed of that residue that plagues us. It’s a residue from years of being held down for what we are externally. It’s a residue so thick that we must start from within and clean up ourselves, one person at a time. Kindness cleanses.  Touch someone. You can touch someone with your kindness. It’s alright to show care and concern. It’s fine to ask for help. We all need help. We need each other.



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