Welcome To My New Website

I am so grateful to share my new website with you.  Thank you Kenal Louis for seeing the vision.

If you have been following my music career, you may know that I have had the same website for a long time. So often we can stick with things just because it’s familiar, but this isn’t always helping us grow.

This new website is designed to help this grow. This new website is going to keep you up to date with all things ‘Thurston Ray’.  I will be updating more information as time proceeds. I want to share myself more using this website, and I want to hear from you as well. Please feel free to check in, ask questions, leave responses, and share whatever you see with others.  As we continue to grow, I hope that you will stay with me on this journey. We are undone, and there is a lot more to be accomplished.

Please contact me here: https://www.thurstonray.com/booking/

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